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Prince Agustyn Joseph Czartoryskiprinter friendly versionPrint this page
Born 1907-1946


Born in Warsaw.


Takes over the running of the Family Museum and properties. Marries Princess Dolores de Borbon y Orleans, daughter of The Infant Don Carlos de Borbon and Princess Luisa D'Orleans.


Due to the prospect of war The Museum prepares 16 cases with the most precious objects to be transported to Sieniawa Palace and walled up. The rest of the items are carried down to the Museum cellars, but in September as the bombs fall on Krakow Prince Agustyn and Princess Dolores already pregnant decide to leave Sieniawa for a better refuge. On the 18th of September German troops find the cases and loot for small tradable objects. The Leonardo and the other pictures are not damaged.

After the Germans move on Prince Agustyn removes all the treasures to his cousin's estate in Pelkinie saving them from the Russian army, but the Gestapo traces all objects and removes all important cases from their hiding places and soon after Prince Agustyn and Princess Dolores are picked up by the Gestapo and put under arrest. After heavy negotiation and thanks to their Royal Italian and Spanish connections they are deported and manage to reach Spain before the end of 1939.


Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski is born in Seville, Spain.


Prince Ludwik Piotr second son is born in Seville.


Death of Prince Agustyn and newborn. They are both buried in the Crypt of Silesian Church in Seville, Spain.

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