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Born in Paris.


Prince Adam Ludwik a model citizen takes over after his father's death as head of the family.


Emperor Francis Joseph signed the act setting up Sieniawa Ordynacja property. Capital assets were estimated at 4.5 million Austrian Crowns, which did not include the Collections.


The Goluchow estate is left to Prince Adam Ludwik and Prince Witold his brother by their aunt Izabela Dzalynska. Prince Adam Ludwik cared for the two Museums. He also aquires many Greek objects during his travel to Japan.


Marries Countess Maria Ludwika Krasinska. They have 3 Boys and 4 Girls.


His 18 years old wife takes over the direction of affairs with tremendous determination being a great heiress in her own right.


Younger brother Prince Witold dies leaving all his inheritance to Prince Adam Ludwik.


Prince Adam Ludwik is called up to the Austrian Army, and Princess Maria Ludwika takes over the Museum. Thanks to Royal Saxon Family connections, she sends over to Dresden the most valuable objects. In total 52 paintings, 12 carpets, 35 folders of prints and drawings as well as the Leonardo, Raphael, and Rembrandt. Great public interest although the collection was open to the public two days a week.


Dr. Hans Posse of the direction of the royal collections fearful of the unrest in Poland is unwilling to give back the collection to the owner.


After two years of negotiation recovery of all objects to the Family Museum in Krakow.


Treaty of Riga provides the return of all looted or confiscated objects during tzarisim due to bolshevik revolution.


Return of large number of important books, archives and objects taken from Pulawy in 1831. Unfortunately most of it is placed in various national depositories. The Czartoryski Museum welcomes more than 12,000 visitors a year.


Prince Adam Ludwik dies of a lung infection and is buried at the Family crypt in Sieniawa.

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