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Prince Auguste Czartoryski    1858-1893
Prince Auguste was born in Paris on the 12th of August 1858, the first son of Prince Wladyslaw Czartoryski and his Spanish consort Maria Amparo Muņoz y Borbon Countess of Vista Alegre the daughter of Queen Maria Cristina of Spain.

At the age of six, his mother died of tuberculosis having already passed the disease to her husband and young son. This will force him to live in search of sunshine in Europe, Egypt and North Africa.

Auguste was born reflexive and solitary by nature with this inner call that was at first inaudible to the family or his surrounding. And almost unknowingly he followed the call, and each person who helped him to discover his best qualities unselfishness love and joy to humanity sacrifice and mutual help.

His first guide was his tutor father Joseph Kalinowski whose nationalism had led him to spend ten years in Siberia in the harshest prison; this fearless moral giant (canonized in 1991) was a revelation of unconditional commitment to Auguste, and when he left after three years to become a Carmelite, Auguste decided to dedicate his life for the good of mankind and at the age of twenty five he met Don Bosco, whose charitable work to help abandoned young boys gave him the confirmation to join the Salesian order.

Prince Wladyslaw was totally opposed to his son's choice and even went as far as to plead his case to the Pope Leon XIII. But in June 1887 Auguste renounced to all his family rights and inheritance, in favour of brothers from his father marriage with Princess Marguerite de Orleans granddaughter of King Louis Philippe of France.

On the 24th of November 1887 Prince Auguste received his cloak from the hands of Don Bosco with these words, "My dear Prince today we have won a great victory. Be courageous and with God's will you will do a lot of good to your Country" His priesthood was very short and he died on Easter Day the 8th of April 1893 at the age of thirty-five leaving behind an example of strength, faith and love he is buried in Poland in the Silesian church in Przemysl.

His Holiness Pope Jean Paul II beatified Prince Auguste in Rome on the 25th of April 2004. Prince Adam Karol and Princess Josette Czartoryski attended with the Polish Ambassador to the Vatican Mrs. Hannah Suchocka. Around fifty members of the Czartoryski Family joined the ceremony along with all the people who came from Poland for the occasion. That evening and His Holiness granted a private audience to the Family with his benediction to all participants

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